We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service,  and a path through the maze of building compliance and regulations. We offer practical, cost efficient building compliance advice to the construction industry, specialising in the commercial and industrial sectors.


We offer over 75 years of combined of public and private experience in the West Australian commercial, industrial, mining, defence and government construction sectors across metropolitan & regional markets and a first-class understanding of compliance regulations, access and thermal performance requirements.

Our key services are listed below, however, should you want more information, please contact us today.

Concept Design Advice

Identifying key areas of concern requiring additional information during the design phase to ensure major compliance issues and related risks to the project are mitigated.

BCA / NCC Assessments

Liaising with project consultants and assessing building works such as additions, new builds, fit-outs and the like across all phases of the project from concept design through to final design to satisfy all requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) / National Construction Code (NCC). 

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)

Assessing properties to determine the BAL rating in designated bushfire prone areas to ensure that buildings are designed to comply with relevant Australian Standards.

Energy Efficiency

Assessing and certifying both residential and commercial projects to ensure the necessary thermal performance requirements are met.

Accessibility Reporting

Assessing an existing or proposed development to review any issues relating to access, Australian Standards or the Disability and Discrimination Act. 

Certificate of Design Compliance

Assessing plans for all necessary certifications and regulatory conformances and issuing a Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) as required by the permit authority.

Certificate of Building Compliance

Inspecting unauthorised building works and providing advice on any required rectification works, to obtain retrospective approval.

Certificate Construction Compliance

Inspecting the completed woks on site in order to certify that the work inspected has been completed in accordance with the intent of the Certified Plans and addresses all compliance requirements. 

Performance / Alternative Solutions

Working with relevant certifying engineers to explore applicable performance-based solutions to complex compliance problems where a Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) solution is impractical or otherwise unachievable.

Property Condition Reports

Inspecting properties to provide reassurance to building owners that the building is safe and compliant and fit for purpose as part of any due diligence process.

Construction Inspections

Conducting inspections during construction to identity areas of non-compliance. Timely engagement allows for rectification prior to issuing a Certificate of Construction Compliance (CCC), ensuring compliance is guaranteed with no disruption to the construction program.

BCA / NCC Exemption Negotiations

Where applicable we negotiate with the Building Commission, Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and other regulatory stakeholders to achieve suitable exemptions on the client’s behalf where Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) provisions are unworkable.

Submissions and Negotiations

Collating all necessary submission documentation and certifications and lodging for building permit, occupancy permit and other similar submissions with the relevant regulatory authorities. Liaising post-lodgement with authorities such as DFES, WaterCorp and the like to achieve a supported result for a client's project.

Fire Systems Audits and Reports

Co-ordinating and overseeing the on-site testing and commissioning of applicable fire, early warning and evacuation systems to ensure that all required systems are maintained in good working order.

Make Good Reports

Inspecting a site to identify solutions to any pre-existing compliance matters and issuing a make good report for the landlord or tenant.

Schedule of Conditions Reports

Issuing a customised report recording the condition of neighbouring properties to determine the level of any damage caused by construction and the scope of any subsequent required repair work.

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