Certificates of: Design compliance, construction compliance & building compliance

Certificates of Design Compliance (CDC) are issued by MODUS Compliance at the stage where all design and supporting documentation is compliant with relevant regulations, codes and applicable standards. This certificate is the formal certification to allow application for a building permit.

Certificates of Construction Compliance (CCC) are to be issued upon completion of works and provide confirmation to the Permit Authority that works have been constructed in accordance with approved plans (or new certified plans, if the design had changed from that originally approved). The builder must provide a formal notice of completion to allow an inspection to take place in order for a CCC to be issued, followed by a formal Certificate of Occupancy once all relevant parties are satisfied the work completed is compliant.

Certificates of Building Compliance (CBC) are to be issued for existing buildings undergoing refurbishment works ensuring that any new building work complies with applicable codes and standards and thus not compromising the health and safety of the occupants.